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Jaques Building

"Under the Watertower"

121 Second St. NW - Aitkin, MN 56431

Mission Statement

The Jaques Art Center publicly presents exhibits, workshops, seminars, and programming for people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.  Its focus is to publicly present the arts including that of Francis Lee and Florence Page Jaques.

Exhibits and Education

The JAC Exhibit Committee plans a variety of exhibits throughout the year.   The Carnegie Gallery exhibits are changed every five to six weeks. Works by local artists, collectors, and artists from all over the Midwest are showcased.

The Jaques Gallery exhibits original work by Francis Lee Jaques and changes seasonally.

The Education Committee offers monthly
workshops from April through November.   Past workshops have included paper marbling, mosaic, cartooning, photography, weaving, and painting. Selected workshops are open to adults and children.  


We are often asked how to pronounce the word"Jaques". The word "Jaques" is from the French  "Jacques", which is pronounced "zhak".
The initial sound in
"zhak" is the same as the z in "azure" or the s in
"vision".  However, because of changes in names and languages over the years, the family chose to pronounce their name

*Just in case you were curious.

email: info@jaquesart.com

Art in bloom
"Art In Bloom"

The Jaques Art Center is committed to Equal Opportunities and Accessibility.
Handicapped accessible



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